Beth KayaksThe River Wise

The River Wise is the amazing story of how Beth Rypins overcame a debilitating childhood illness to become a pioneering whitewater athlete. Using images from her adventures around the world, with tales of death defying feats tempered with nuanced emotional insight, Beth makes connections between the adversities of river running and the obstacles we encounter in everyday life.

Her anecdotes on teamwork, communication skills, leadership and overcoming adversity make The River Wise a lively and relevant presentation. She inspires audiences to see their own life as an adventure, and to make solid choices on their singular journey through life.

Beth caters each presentation to the needs of the meeting planner, working diligently to personalize The River Wise for greatest impact. Using a multi-media backdrop, her images lend depth to the stories she tells. Whether she speaks for 10 minutes or an hour and a half, she carries the audience with her on an adventurous journey down rivers all over the world. Beth Rypins touches listeners at their core.